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Bird Language


manu pungo

By listening to the birds and understanding their basic language we can learn to interpret the behaviours and patterns of the natural world around us.

Have you ever wondered why you don’t often come across deer feeding peacefully in the bush when you’re out tramping, or stumble upon a stoat lazily sunning himself on the sand-dunes?  Do you wonder if there might be a language in the wild where birds and animals can communicate between species and let each other know the news of the forest?  A network that we could read if we could understand the signs?

Would you like to know what is going on in the world of Nature around you, even if you can’t actually see the weasel under the hedge or the falcon perched in the tree? And maybe you could even get close and catch more than a fleeting glimpse of those animals.
Bird language can tell us so much about the web of life around us, and in becoming more aware of it, we can learn to quickly drop in to a truly peaceful state and oneness with Nature.

This goes deeper than naming a bird by hearing it’s song. The song is only one part of the voice and actions of birds but there is so much more they have to tell us.

This is a fun filled weekend that slows us down into a greater awareness of all that is happening around us. Be it in the backyard or out in the bush.

Half day introductory class. $60.00 1pm – 5pm Sunday March 20th 2016



Full weekend classes can be arranged and will involve tracking and expanding our awareness of our surroundings, 9am Saturday to 5pm sunday. $280.00 all organic meals provided.